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" To Nokie's Family, Fan Family and Friends...

Nokie' passing has been a great loss around the world. He is mourned by us all.

My heart has broken to the point I don't think anything can put it back together again. The doctors and nurses at Yuma Regional Hospital worked very hard to get Nokie back to good health so I could bring him home. The infections and other health issues overtook his body. His immune system was just not strong enough any longer.

I am conforted by knowing Nokie is standing and walking by God's side, he is no longer in pain. Nokie is playing in Heaven's big band now with all his pickin' family and friends (so many to mention) that went before him.

Before his passing, we talked about doing a final tour for him, just one more time. He asked me if I thought he could make it to go out and play, even if it was only one or two songs with his HitchHiker band. He said they could do the rest and he would shake hands and sign autographs for the fan family. Of couse I said... If you are up for it, I will do anything to help.

The day after Nokie's passing early in the morning, I sat straight up in bed, I knew he was there with me. Getting up around 4 AM, my sister getting up shortly after me, I told her I know what I have to do... "A Celebration of Life Memorial Tour"... This is what Nokie wants. A way for the family, fan family and friends to say, "I'll see you later." His music will live on in all of us. His legacy will live on in history forever.

My man was one soft touch on the guitar and a great joke and story teller, plus you can add magician... The Japanese people would say, "Nokie magic!"

Thank you all for the condolence cards, emails, the flowers and all the prayers.

Love to all,
Judy Edwards "

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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Caravan (Caravana) é uma música de "big band jazz" composta por Juan Tizol e Duke Ellington. E a letra por Irving Mills. E foi gravada em 1936 com Duke Ellington (piano), Juan Tizol (trombone), Cootie Williams (trompete), Barney Bigard (clarinete), Harry Carney (sax barítono), Billy Taylor (baixo) e Sonny Greer (bateria).

É uma música famosa que os THE VENTURES tocam no "encore" final das apresentações em shows.

Existem duas versões desta música gravada pelos Ventures. A primeira versão foi gravada no primeiro álbum deles "Walk Don't Run", lançado em novembro de 1960. Produtor: Bob Reisdorff. Com Bob Bogle como guitarrista líder, usando uma Fender Jazzmaster.

A segunda versão e atual era uma versão que tocavam em shows e foi gravada no 11º álbum do grupo "Bobby Vee Meets The Ventures" de abril de 1963. Produção: Bob Reisdorff & Snuff Garrett. Esta com Nokie Edwards como guitarrista líder e usando técnicas de seu ídolo Les Paul. E tocando com uma guitarra Mosrite. Mas gravada sem a parte da evolução da bateria.

Confira abaixo o Caravan de Juan Tizol e Duke Ellington e sua Orchestra, do grupo The Goofy Foots tocando a primeira versão de The Ventures e por último a versão clássica e conhecida dos Ventures. Apreciem a fenomenal performance do baterista Mel Taylor.





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